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Why “To Raise or Not to Raise Rates” is a Trick Question

Published on July 27, 2011 By Matt

In a prior post, I suggested that raising rates elsewhere in order to compensate for a lowered debit interchange rate cap might not be prudent in every case. “To raise or not to raise” isn’t really the question. In fact, stated that way, it’s a trick question. It assumes an all-or-nothing approach.  Not all clients […]

Living with Durbin/VISA

Published on July 22, 2011 By Matt

With the recent announcement that the Fed is setting the debit interchange rate cap at 21 cents, the financial services community breathed a collective sigh of relief. To be sure, 21 cents is less than what was charged in the past. But it’s better than the 15 to 20 cents that the market expected, and […]