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Mind Your Back End

December 18, 2012

“Brand” has lots of definitions. Conveniently and not surprisingly, there is a strong correlation between how a marketer defines “brand” and the kind of branding that that particular marketer happens to execute. I shall leave it to you decide if marketers hold to an approach because they believe in it, ferociously defend an approach because […]

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Trust in financial institutions rises among consumers

December 14, 2012

A higher number of consumers expressed more optimism in the financial services industry as the economy shows signs of stabilization. A reported 23 percent of survey respondents say they trust the nation’s financial systems, up two percentage points from the same study conducted in June, according to the most recent Chicago Booth/Kellogg School Financial Trust […]

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Data mining without the privacy baggage

December 11, 2012

Many a marketer has turned a wistful if not greedy eye upon bank databases. Therein lies untold potential to learn who buys what in order to tempt people with relevant offers. The problem, of course, is privacy. Even if conscience permitted—conscience having proven, historically, to be remarkably plastic where profits are concerned—the United States Government […]

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Privacy, Paranoia, Pragmatism

December 5, 2012

Some privacy concerns are legit. I don’t want to be in a Nigerian money scammer’s database any more than you do. Yet not all privacy paranoia is legitimate. Many people simply misunderstand how database marketing works. They imagine Peeping Tom-like marketers poring over their individual information. They are unaware that what ethical marketers (unethical ones […]

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