Recap: Social Media Customer Response Summit

The Customer Response Summit [#crsummit ] is a powerful event meant to be a place for leading edge companies to share ideas, best practices and success stories with each other. I had the privilege to speak at the event and was a key contributor to a superb display of thought leadership in one of the hottest topics around… Social Media in the enterprise.

Below are a few of my key takeaways:

Incubate and Conquer

This was a theme of this event. Leading edge corporations have all taken the approach to test this space in a very similar way.  We have seen this time and time again with the introduction of new technology or ways of communicating. It is a cautious, methodical, logical approach to “testing the waters” and it is proving to be very effective so far.

Experience Reigns over Cool!

One might have imagined that in order to address users that come in from Social Media, you might need someone “who could speak that language” (i.e. a young person who lives Social) but this was not entirely the case.  Experienced staff is being handpicked that possess a deep understanding of company products and services while at the same time are well connected within the enterprise. These are folks that are able to promptly get to the right source of information and get the answer to the customer fast and effectively.

End to End Experience Management

The ability to add the Social inputs into the existing database of customer interactions is the only way to put the entire picture together for each client and provide an end to end experience.  Also, integrating this data with information collected from online chat sessions can give you customer data that is powerful beyond measure.

The most compelling message I got from this event was confirmation of two things I have always believed to be fact:  1. Social Media and the Enterprise are simply meant to live together.  Our affiliate banks have tremendous opportunity to engage with their client base and community in ways we never thought possible.  2.   The other fact is that we are merely scratching the surface on the true value that Social Media can bring to the Enterprise.   This is no longer considered a race that companies must jump into, but a marathon where only the nimble and strong-minded companies will survive.


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