What’s in YOUR credit score?

Capital One deserves five stars for launching, free of charge, the kind of digital tool you’d expect from a brand committed to serving cardholders’ best interests.

CapOne Credit Tracker Graphic

A new Credit Tracker tab on Cap One’s mobile app shows cardholders: their credit score; factors making up the score; calculators showing how increasing, paying down, or paying off balances can affect the score; and alerts.

Besides providing information for its own sake, the tool shows promise for helping people better manage their credit. Capital One reports that, during testing, customers with access to the tool improved their credit status.

Surveys and voting-with-wallets show that today’s consumers value transparency. The Credit Tracker provides that, along with useful tips. Capital One should create a commercial with Samuel L. Jackson promoting Credit Tracker, and they should air it

every damn day. I mean, every single day.

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