It’s time to lose outdated marketing strategies

As 2012 gets rolling, marketing professionals need to realize that the dynamics of marketing are shifting, and that just keeping the same brand messages may not really work in our changing society.

Here’s a list of a few trends for 2012 from Leo Burnett Chicago which should shape the way financial brands frame their interactive marketing messages to reach new customers and retain current ones.

1. The nuclear family melts down
It’s no surprise that many of today’s families don’t follow the traditional structure of a husband, wife, white picket fence and 2.5 kids. More children are raised by single mothers or raised in a non-traditional setting.

In order to reach those families, the firm says companies need to show varied family images with their messaging in order for them to “ring true” with consumers.

2. Deals are now the new normal
With the expansion and popularity of Groupon and other coupon and deal websites, Leo Burnett Chicago says consumers have adopted a mentality that they shouldn’t have to pay full price for anything.

This kind of culture puts an increased emphasis on programs that reward customer loyalty and give personalized deals to people based on their individual interests.

3. Social media and mobile technologies are everywhere
It already seems like everyone and their mother has a smartphone and Twitter handle, and that trend is only going to continue next year, as the firm says 20 million more people will adopt smartphones in 2012.

Basic online and social strategies also aren’t good enough anymore. The report says consumers are looking for practical ways to use social media in their lives. Just having a presence and Tweeting occasionally isn’t enough.

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