Consumers & Social Media

The way consumers are utilizing social media platforms seems to be constantly evolving. And as it changes, our marketing techniques must adapt to ensure we are successfully reaching our target audience and seeing true conversion.

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen in recent years is consumers’ proclivity to follow brands online via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. I’ve included some stats below, from a Performics/ROI Research study done this past April, that illustrate this tendency and reinforce the importance for brands to engage directly with consumers online.

In social networks, one-third of consumers talk brands every week (Performics/ROI Research, April 2010)

  • 33% of Twitter users talk brands 1x per week
  • 32% make recommendations
  • 30% seed advice

The below chart illustrates how and why consumers are interacting with brands on Facebook.

(Source: Performics/ROI Research, April 2010)

Chadwick Martin Bailey also conducted a similar study in February 2010 illustrating why people become fans and followers of brands on Facebook and Twitter. As marketers, we need to pay close attention to their reasoning and ensure that our tactics are geared towards serving up the type of content consumers want to hear.

(Source: Chadwick Martin Bailey, February 2010)

These stats illustrate the growing trend of consumers wanting to follow brands that appeal to them online, either to show support, become eligible for coupons or discounts, gain access to exclusive content and converse with other like-minded individuals. Brands need to ensure that whenever possible, they are giving their target audience access to them at this level.

At the iMedia Summit I attended in Coronado earlier this week, the subject of Private Online Communities was discussed as a great way to gain consumer insight, save money on R&D and offer consumers access to coveted exclusive content (whether that be access to executives, feeling like they have a voice in the company’s direction, etc.) Stay tuned for a blog post on other topics discussed at the summit.

Do you find yourself engaging with brands on social media? Have you launched a social media strategy for your company or a client that has proven to be effective in terms of engaging with consumers? Please share your experience in the comments.

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